NewMed Diagnostics offers a variety of rapid, CLIA Waived Testing Services.  Our office can provide rapid/instant testing results for the following:

COVID-19 Testing

Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Testing

Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Laboratory COVID-19 PCR Testing

Pink Eye (Adenoviral Conjunctivitis) - Rapid

Sneak Peek 7 Week Pregnancy Gender Reveal

Pregnancy hCG Testing  (Rapid or Laboratory)

HIV 1/2 (Rapid/Instant or Laboratory Results)

Influenza A/B (Rapid/Instant or Laboratory Results)

LH Ovulation (Rapid/Instant or Laboratory Results)

Mononucleosis (Rapid/Instant)

Strep A (Rapid Results)

Syphilis and other STI/STD's (Rapid Results)

Biometric Testing

Blood Pressure

Body Mass Index

Body Fat%

Our office can perform rapid testing, you can report the results during your telehealth physician visit if treatment is needed for a fraction of the cost that a normal physician office visit and lab test would run.